3 Tips for Working from Home

Our team is 100% remote and working from home is a norm for us. We thought we’d share with you some of our best tips for this transition as many companies are still having employees work from home.

Tip #1: Set up a dedicated workspace.

This will help create boundaries in your home and the motivated mindset you need to tackle the day’s work. When you are crating your workspace keep in mind the lighting, noise level and ergonomics.

Tip #2: Get your technology in order.

With everyone at home, you’ll want to set up your technology strategically. Be familiar with your internet bandwidth. Video conferencing requires good connection and speed. You’ll want to know what devices are best for each task. Can your kids use the iPad to watch a video for school? Do you need to use your desktop for zoom meetings? Take some time to understand the remote tech stack you are using, whether it’s collaboration tools or video conferencing. You don’t want to be the one posted on social media for scratching your backside in your underwear when you thought a video chat ended.

Tip #3: Maintain etiquette during video conferences.

Most meetings are being held via video. Again, know your technology. There is nothing worse than someone who can’t get this down right. Find a quiet place, wear your headphones and mute your mic if you’re not speaking or should your dog lose it on the delivery guy. Finally, be aware of your camera. know when to use it and when it’s ok to pass, but always be aware IF it’s even on.

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