3 Tips for Marketing During Pandemic

Many are thinking and rethinking their marketing plan during this pandemic. With a large shift in our society overnight, it’s time to make adjustments if you haven’t already. We have three tips for how you should make that shift in your marketing strategy.

  1. Decide what should be paused immediately. Maybe you had an amazing campaign or creative content that was going to be released. However, after some evaluation it could be considered insensitive or potentially overlooked. Many large brands put a pause on new promotions that were set to be released.
  2. Consider what to prioritize or pivot. Understandably, there are things in your marketing that can’t be paused. Take this time to prioritize what is important to your business. Maybe it’s a pivot- we’ve seen many pivot their marketing efforts to be a resource of help rather than promoting new products.
  3. Prepare for the next culture shift: Post-Quarantine. We will get through this together and many states are starting to open up. What will be your strategy? What will be the way you reach your audience? Your customers? During this time when things seem slower, begin to plan & adjust for when it’s business as usual.

Don’t stop marketing! Simply take some time to pause, prioritize, pivot & prepare.

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