Talking Essentials…10 Road Trip Essentials

Are you planning a road trip any time soon? Our family loves to jump in our car to new destination. We love taking day trips to Galveston & weekend getaways to Hill Country or DFW.

One of the things I see often from people on social media is how to travel with kids and making road trips comfortable and occupied in the car. We’ve created a list of best road trip essentials to not only make your travels easier, but also more fun.

Road trip essentials of course include items for safety. Some ideas to have in your car include foam tire filler, emergency roadside kit, and car fire extinguisher. Though we do lots of planning for road trips, we can forget to expect the unexpected. Do you include safety items in your packing list for road trips?

I don’t know about the people in your vehicle, but mine all of a sudden have bottomless stomachs to eat and drink all the things. We take water bottlesyummy snacks on every trip. Are your kids obsessed with hydroflasks like ours?

Are we there yet? Keep them occupied.

Because of all the technology in our lives, devices have become the default. If you’re traveling with devices (and who isn’t?), don’t forget those chargers and car mount for the driver.

And if you’re like us, sometimes we just all need a break from the tech. We play the license plate game and road trip bingo. Here are some other games to play while you travel like Scavenger Hunt, Bingo and our favorite Mad Libs. What games do you play in the car? Do you have other ways to occupy your kiddos while driving?

What would you add to this list? Are you ready to plan your next road trip now?

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