New Horizons

Alex and I became business owners a little over 18 months ago. If you want to read the back story, check it out here. Looking back, the early stages were hilarious, messy, trying and exciting. We polled our best friends about business names and imagery to use on our site. Once friends discovered what we did, we received phone calls, direct messages, texts, & emails. It was crazy to keep up. We hadn’t come up with any sort of system except if they contact us, we contact them back. If they want a quote, we will mull over our value & their budget and determine a proposal. Hopefully it pays the bills and hopefully the contract covers our rear ends.  

Fast forward to 2019.

We are full-time business owners, yup, full-time. So let’s get a little vulnerable. If you know me, you know I’m a bit too blunt and what you see is what you get. To some of you, my too much honesty is nothing new, so here we go.  When I say full-time what I mean is this isn’t supplemental income or something that helps our kids participate in extracurricular activities– this is what we earn to put food on the table & a roof over our heads. It’s crazy to think we are full-time business owners, and to be honest, up until a few months ago we were just as messy as we were in the beginning stages. Sure, since we’ve launched, we implemented some software to keep us organized, but nothing like how we believe a professional agency should be running.

The one thing I knew was missing from our business was appropriate processes and procedures. You see, my dad, an Air Force veteran was all about processes and procedures. He even took this knowledge and set of skills into the corporate workplace and won awards for getting groups to run more efficiently than ever. But every time I sat down to tackle these, it felt like I was climbing Mt. Everest. Therefore, they kept getting pushed to the back burner and we were spinning our wheels.

Cue the BIGGEST blessing! My friend and colleague, Joey Hodges launched Boundary Boss program at the beginning of this year. After finding out more about the program and having some discussion with Alex, we determined that Joey becoming our business coach was going to take us to the next level. And y’all, she’s already pushed us to handling our business like rockstars. We are slowly, but surely getting our boundaries set with processes & procedures in place. We are tackling our client relations. We are tackling the back-office of our business. Our days are more productive and more efficient. Admin tasks are templated. Joey has asked the most brilliant, thought-provoking questions. We’re a third of the way through the program and I cannot wait to see the transformation of our business when we are complete. Stay tuned. We planned to keep you updated through the program.

New things are on the horizon, but the sun is already rising! Exciting things ahead.

If you are a client-serving creative entrepreneur, then I highly suggest you check out the Boundary Boss program. Find out more here.

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