3 Business Tools We Love

What tools do you use to make your business go-round? Today, we are sharing our top {3} favorite.

Slack Logo  Slack

We love Slack. Our team is remote, and we rely heavily on communicating with each other. And I don’t know about you, but our inboxes are already full. Slack allows our team to create channels to keep conversations organized and on topic. These channels are a great way to communicate to everyone that a particular topic involves. And our favorite part is it allows the conversation to be visible & transparent to the entire team.  Another great feature is the direct message option. No need to get everyone involved when you just need to ask a quick question.

Trello LogoTrello

This project management tool allows our team to see the tasks needed to complete a project. Here we create projects, establish & assign tasks, make notes, attach files, and track progress. My personal favorite part is checking off the list. What project management tool do you use?

Harvest App Harvest

We can keep up with everything finances here. Client & project information gets entered and from there, our team can track time & expenses. We can create reports and invoice clients. We absolutely love that all things money is in one place.

Each company has their favorite software to get the job the done. Software that gets chosen relies heavily on the person in the company creating the systems and of course, the budget. What software do you use to work effectively & efficiently with your team? We want to hear from you.

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