Here’s a story…

We could go back decades to tell you how Gulf Coast Pixel started, but we’ll give you the quick version.

Alex and I come from long lines of entrepreneurs. We have seen the struggles, the heartache, the joy and the freedom of being business owners. We, too, have the entrepreneurial spirit that generations past have passed down.

I started out as an Elementary school teacher, and taught for our first 5 years of marriage. Then we brought home a beautiful baby girl and then a little sweet baby boy. At that time, I began to reevaluate my career and knew I needed a new direction. Needing a change, a fresh new career, I began looking into growing my skills in the tech industry. I enrolled in Designer Track course with Bloc focusing on UX/UI design. After completion and learning design principles, color theory, user habits and industry best practices, I began taking on clients as a freelancer. At that point, I was designing marketing websites, mobile apps for small businesses and working with a real-estate start-up to design a SaaS web application. I then landed a long-term contract
with a company based in Dallas and has since designed for mobile, web, print, digital marketing, and social media specifically for their products and branding.

Alex spent most of his professional career as a musician. He spent over a decade on and off the road, then about 6 years working in churches as a worship leader. After looking for something challenging to take on and allowing his computer science skills to flourish, he enrolled in the Full Stack Developer Program through the University of Texas. After completion, he began doing contract work for various development firms.

After taking on clients separately and doing contract work for some large technology firms, it only made sense to branch out and start something we could do together!

Gulf Coast Pixel was born!

We have thoroughly enjoyed working together to deliver exactly what our clients need and envision for their projects. At Gulf Coast Pixel, we are setting the tone for what we want our company to be, not just now but also as we grow and expand. It is important to us to get to know our clients through our on-boarding process. We communicate with them via email, phone and face-to-face meetings. Alex and I work personally with our clients to make a plan-of-action for their site or product to go live as soon as possible. We also set benchmarks along the way to be certain that our teams are collaboratively working towards the same goal. It has been our greatest pleasure working with our past and current clients.

We are excited to see what the future hold for Gulf Coast Pixel. And we certainly want you around for the ride!

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